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CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Clerk argues with robbers

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SACRAMENTO, Ca. (KOVR) - California authorities are searching for a woman and a young man who held up a cigarette store in Sacramento Monday.

The robbery, which was captured on surveillance video, starts when the woman reaches into her shirt  to apparently scratch an itch.

However, while the clerk is distracted, the woman fishes a gun out of her bra and then demands the clerk open the register.

But things don't go as planned when the clerk argues with the woman. In fact, he questions why he should open the drawer in the first place.

"Open the drawer -- that's why," the woman said. "Open the drawer."

"Give me money and I'll open it," the clerk fired back He continued to stand his ground until the robber really lost it.

That's when the woman screams at the clerk to open the drawer and the second robber yells for the woman to shoot the clerk.

"You press anything and I swear to God she gonna bust a cap in your ***," the second robber said.  

That's when the clerk gives in, opens the register and the cash grab starts.

The robber and her partner in crime scramble to grab what they can and finally get out, but not before one last word: bye.

The suspects got away with clothing items and an undisclosed amount of money.