Crucial Black Friday shopping tips that might save cash


The busiest shopping day of the year is this week. And there are several tips the stores don’t want you to know that could end up saving you money.

First, when you walk into the store, don’t turn right. Stores know we naturally head in that direction and put the new, more expensive items on the right side of the store.

Second, “buy one get one free” specials aren’t always a good deal.

You’re more likely to find better prices on the clearance racks. Speaking of the clearance racks, stores put them in the back on purpose so you’ll be tempted to buy other items as you walk through the store.

Third, expect clearance racks to be messy. Stores want to make it difficult for you to find a good deal.

Fourth, experts also say you should shop alone. Shopping with friends encourages overspending.

Lastly, remember that while you want to take advantage of Black Friday, those deals might not be the best offers out there. Many stores advertise great deals all holiday season.


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