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Man hitchhikes naked to raise testicular cancer awareness

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VANCOUVER (CBC News) - As temperatures drop, most of us are bundling up to keep warm. But one Canadian has shed his layers for a special cause.

Mark McIntyre is hitchhiking across the country -- in his underwear.

“Well I'm hitchhiking coast to coast in my underwear to raise some money and awareness for below the waist cancers,” McIntyre said. 

That takes a lot of - well, you know... and dedication. But McIntyre is passionate about his cause. He survived testicular cancer - the most common form of cancer for young men -striking about 1000 Canadians per year.

“Stanfield's underwear is sponsoring me, and they are going to give $20,000 to the Canadian Cancer Society if I can make it to Truro Nova Scotia in 21 days,” McIntyre said. “Nobody wants me to freeze to death, but I will always have underwear on but if I am on the road in the prairies maybe you guys can get me a jacket - check the site.”

The website is where you can donate money to help McIntyre wear clothes for part of his trip, or volunteer to pick him up for part of the trip.

“Canadians are good folk and I think they will understand that we are doing this for a good cause and we are just trying to have some fun with it,” McIntyre said.

The good news about his cause is that testicular cancer is usually treatable and Mcintyre is now cancer free.