Gov. McDonnell talks about future of the Republican Party

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LAS VEGAS (WTVR) –   Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell sat down with CNN’s Piers Morgan to talk about what is next for the Republican Party following last week’s decisive victory by President Obama and Democratic Senate candidates.

"What's important now is that Republicans and Democrats in Washington do what they haven't been able to do for four years, and that is to find a way to get our country back to work and out of debt," he said. "This is an immoral and unsustainable problem that we've got. We're 16 trillion in debt. There is some fault for the president. The Republicans now have to find a way to find that middle ground in the next 60 days or we go over a cliff and that's bad for the entire country."

The general election yielded generally better results for Democrats than Republicans, governors' races across the country were generally successful for Republican candidates.

There will soon be 30 Republican governors, the most since 2000.