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Stolen purse had priceless memories taken with it

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) Robbery victims makes pleas to have purse returned.

The cash and credit cards weren't important. The driver's license can be replaced.

But a precious handmade card by Karen Stapleton's daughter is a something that can't be replaced.

 "She made it for me when I was going through cancer treatment and it would give me support and encouragement,” Stapleton said.

And that's what she wants back.

Saturday, the family all gathered at Crump Park in Henrico County for family pictures.

Sometime that afternoon, their van was broken into and both Karen's and her sisters’ purses were stolen.

During her conversation with the police Karen says that while she was telling the detective about the contents of her purse, her 12-year-old daughter said "Mommy it's alright, I'll make you another one.’”

“She had no idea I was carrying it this whole time,” Stapleton said.

Her sister's purse totes a pocket knife of her father’s that she had carried since his death 20 years ago.

Both agree the items are of little value to anyone but themselves and they consider them priceless.

Her sister's purse was a purple Coach bag while Karen's was a red Rosetta shoulder bag.

Both hope someone will find them and call Henrico Crime Stoppers at 780-1000.