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Navy SEALS from SEAL Team 6 punished over video game

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - At Game Spot in Richmond, the recently released video game: Medal of Honor: Warfighter has become popular among gamers.

But, the video has also caught the attention of senior military officials.

Seven members of the secret Navy SEAL Team 6, including one who was on the raid what killed Osama bin Laden, have been punished for their role as paid consultants for the game.

They are accused of disclosing classified information to the game's production company, Electronic Arts.

“Oh, that`s bull crap because if that`s the case then when they show all the navy aircraft and everything else we use… that`s double standard,”  gamer Charles Adams said.

But former Navy SEAL John McGuire said there is no way he would have revealed classified information. McGuire, who served as a Navy SEAL for 10 years, said all SEALS are required to take an oath of secrecy.

“You want to protect the brotherhood, the secrets of the United States," he said. "You know, a piece of information here, add it with another piece of information here, could put people in harm’s way.”

It is unclear what secrets members of SEAL Team 6 gave away. But CBS News confirmed all seven punished SEALs had half their pay taken away for two months.

McGuire, who owns SEAL Team Physical Training, said he incorporates some of the skills he learned from being a SEAL into fitness training for civilians. He said there's nothing wrong with that, as long as you get permission first.