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High Va. voter turnout could be key for Romney or Obama

Long Lines Va

(WTVR) – Election officials in Virginia said extremely high voter turnout will probably be a record, according to CBS News..

There were long lines at many polling places in the Commonwealth Tuesday. In fact, some people waited around four hours to vote in Northern Virginia.

CBS News Wyatt Andrews says the Obama campaign believes high voter turnout will favor the president because most of the state’s 160,000 new registered voters tend to be Latinos, women and African-Americans.

However, the Romney camp said high voter turnout reflects their unprecedented ground game – and that they’re already outperforming the McCain vote in 2008.

Additionally, Obama campaign officials said they were thrilled with turnout in northern Virginia, Norfolk and Richmond.

On the other hand, the Romney camp said it was very pleased with turnout in rural and western parts of Virginia. 

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