Biden ends campaign in Richmond

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RICHMOND, VA (WTVR) -- Vice President Joe Biden held his final campaign event in Richmond Monday, energizing supporters hours before polls open.

"If we win Virginia, we win this election," Biden told the crowd gathered outside the Civil War Museum in the city's historic Tredegar District.

Biden was introduced by his wife Dr. Jill Biden as well as Virginia Senate Candidate Tim Kaine.

Jon Mellencamp entertained supporters before the event.

"Barack Obama has character, he has the backbone of a ramrod," Biden told the crowd.

While Biden was focused on energizing supporters, he was also focused on the national TV cameras that were rolling - mentioning Ohio several times and reiterating themes that play well in other swing states.

But the Democrats in attendance weren't the only ones in Richmond confident on Election eve, Republicans are as well.

Romney spokesman Curt Cashour says the party is poised for victory in the Commonwealth Tuesday night.

"We have made 6.5 million voter contacts, we've knocked on almost two million doors, so Virginians are fired up and ready for a new president," Cashour told CBS 6.

Late Monday night, the Romney campaign announced that Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan would make an airport stop at RIC on election day. 

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