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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – As Sandy moved through Virginia, the CBS 6 news team updated this page with storm track updates, links, pictures and more. If you have any questions or would like us to add something specific to this page, leave it in the comments section at the bottom of the page,  email, tweet us @CBS6 or drop us a note on Facebook.

Scott Wise October 30, 20121:52 pm
Scott Wise October 30, 20121:37 pm
Scott Wise October 30, 20121:25 pm
Scott Wise October 30, 20121:25 pm
Scott Wise October 30, 20121:24 pm
Nick Dutton October 30, 201210:47 am

FROM VCU: Phone lines are down please call 804-687-6414 if you have an emergency.

Carrie Rose October 30, 20128:46 am

Richmond Intl Airport rainfall total so far: 2.44″

Scott Wise October 30, 20128:08 am

The City will close the two Emergency Relief Shelters at Linwood Holton & Blackwell Elementary Schools at noon today.

The Freedom House Conrad Center, 1400 Oliver Hill Way, will continue to serve as a homeless shelter until Wednesday, October 31. On Wednesday, the Freedom House Conrad Center will operate on its normal schedule as City homeless services will operate as normal.

Scott Wise October 30, 20127:56 am

From Carrie Rose — “Sandy is no longer a tropical system, but remains a large and a destructive cyclone inland. In an unprecedented move, tropical-style updates are continuing to be issued on Post-Tropical Sandy by the Hydrometeorological Prediction Center instead of the National Hurricane Center.”

What does it mean for us? Read more:

Alix Bryan October 30, 201212:33 am

2.8 million people without power from Sandy, along East Coast.

Alix Bryan October 30, 201212:10 am

Can you imagine?

Sandy has pummeled New York City. Earlier, the facade fell of of a residential building.

See the video here:

Alix Bryan October 29, 201211:39 pm

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Alix Bryan October 29, 201211:38 pm

Port Authority shared this image of water pouring into a PATH station in New Jersey.

Alix Bryan October 29, 201210:31 pm

Per CBS: By evening, a record 13-foot storm surge was threatening Manhattan’s southern tip, utilities darkened parts of downtown Manhattan on purpose to avoid storm damage and water started lapping over the seawall in Battery Park City, flooded rail yards and parts of the financial district.

Zach Daniel October 29, 201210:09 pm

My latest update on Sandy, with a few changes:

Zach Daniel October 29, 201210:03 pm

Reagan National just reported a measured wind gust of 60 mph. Over 126K without power in NOVA.

Alix Bryan October 29, 201210:03 pm

New York Black Out #Sandy #newyork

A post shared by Henry Sene Yee Photography (@hsyee) on

Zach Daniel October 29, 20129:38 pm

Thundersnow occurring in WV, PA, & MD. Heavy snow & frequent lightning showing up on CBS 6 weather tracker.

Alix Bryan October 29, 20129:08 pm

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo confirms cars are floating down streets in Lower Manhattan.

Alix Bryan October 29, 20129:00 pm

It’s definitely getting bad up North. Flooding in Battery Park has surpasses 11.5 feet, a record. Photos here, and below are from Huffington Post writer Liz Martinez has captured flooding shots.

Alix Bryan October 29, 20128:57 pm

Alix Bryan October 29, 20128:31 pm

In New York and New Jersey, there are reports of massive flooding. The flooding has swept into the Financial District in NYC. Cars are floating away. Photo by Reed Timmer:

Mike Stone October 29, 20127:59 pm

New blog post with hi-res pictures & video from the past 24 hours:

Alix Bryan October 29, 20127:56 pm

Per CNN, Gov. Chris Christie: “Evacuations are no longer possible, and we’re no longer able to come and rescue people. This has become particularily problematic in Atlantic City, where for whatever reason, Mayor Langford urged people to stay in shelters in the city, despite my admonition to evacuate, he gave them comfort for some reason to stay.”

Alix Bryan October 29, 20127:53 pm

In Northern Virginia there are 80,629 without power!

Alix Bryan October 29, 20127:41 pm

Per CNN: More than 2.2 million are already without power

Nick Dutton October 29, 20127:26 pm

From CNN: While it still has sustained winds of 85 mph, Sandy is no longer considered a hurricane, the National Hurricane Center reported in a 7 p.m. update. The Miami-based agency said it is reclassifying the storm because “Sandy has continued to lose tropical characteristics.”

Mike Stone October 29, 20127:21 pm

Quick snapshot of our Dominion camera:

Megan Woo October 29, 20127:19 pm

A large section of the boardwalk in Atlantic City has been washed away.

Zach Daniel October 29, 20127:12 pm

#Sandy is now post-tropical with max sustained winds of 85 mph.

Nick Dutton October 29, 20127:01 pm

Here’s a link to the latest road closures and conditions from around Virginia.

Megan Woo October 29, 20126:32 pm

Over 13,000 flights are canceled across the East Coast.–Monday-430p-ET/177

Zach Daniel October 29, 20126:18 pm

Update: CBS 6 Skytracker Camera located in downtown #rva just recorded a wind gust of 50 mph

Megan Woo October 29, 20126:08 pm

Dominion says only 400 customers are without power in our area.

Alix Bryan October 29, 20126:01 pm

We have compiled a list of all local shelters, with details of each. Get familiar with these before the worst of the storm hits. And if you are in a bind, you can text FEMA and get an automatic text message as to the closest shelter. Full details in this post:

Alix Bryan October 29, 20125:57 pm

Check out the difference between these two storms: Irene and Sandy.

Alix Bryan October 29, 20125:55 pm

Have you seen this creepy photo? Well, it’s a fake. Here is the full story on it:

Zach Daniel October 29, 20125:54 pm

CBS 6 Skytracker Dominion Cam just recorded a wind gust of 47 mph in downtown Richmond.

Megan Woo October 29, 20125:50 pm
Nick Dutton October 29, 20125:40 pm

CLOSINGS AND DELAYS: Hanover Schools will be closed Tuesday. That means all four of our big school districts are closed tomorrow. (Chesterfield, Henrico and Richmond announced they would be closed earlier this afternoon.)

Nick Dutton October 29, 20125:27 pm

Tracy Sears was in the Northern Neck this afternoon. Here’s what it looked like in Deltaville earlier this afternoon.

Nick Dutton October 29, 20125:25 pm

Amtrak Northeast Corridor services are canceled thru Tuesday, Oct 30 due to Hurricane Sandy. Most up to date info at

Nick Dutton October 29, 20125:19 pm

The Jamestown-Scotland Ferry (JSF) is expected to remain closed through the evening rush hour today due to high waters preventing the loading ramps on the docks from safely being raised and lowered onto the ferry boats.

Nick Dutton October 29, 20125:18 pm

From The Virginia Department of Health:

As Virginians experience power outages related to Hurricane Sandy, many people will begin using gas-powered appliances and charcoal or gas grills for electricity and cooking. Carbon monoxide exposure from these sources can be deadly.

The Virginia Department of Health reminds people to take precautions when using alternate sources of power. Carbon monoxide exposure is a silent killer and the number of carbon monoxide poisoning cases and fatalities typically increases following severe weather events.

Nick Dutton October 29, 20125:17 pm

Virginia State Police are advising motorists to limit their travels and avoid being on the roads, if/when possible, as Hurricane Sandy continues to make its inland path.

However, NO ONE is being told they have to be off the roads by 3 p.m. Monday, as is incorrectly circulating on social media.

Zach Daniel October 29, 20125:06 pm

5 PM STORM REPORT: 68 mph wind gust measured in Accomack on the eastern shore of VA. Total rainfall at RIC now 1.79″

Nick Dutton October 29, 20125:01 pm

JUST IN: Henrico County to open emergency shelters at 6 p.m.
More info–>

Nick Dutton October 29, 20124:23 pm

JUST IN: Training sessions for Henrico County election officials have been cancelled for Monday and Tuesday.

Residents can contact the Henrico storm hotline at (804) 501-7900 or for additional information.

ALSO: All Chesterfield County Libraries will be closing at 5 p.m. today due to the weather.

Nick Dutton October 29, 20124:19 pm

CLOSINGS AND DELAYS: They’re starting to come in for Tuesday, folks. Chesterfield County Public Schools are closed tomorrow. More closings–>

Click here for the CBS 6 Closings and Delays page. Make sure to bookmark it and check back often.

Nick Dutton October 29, 20124:03 pm

We’re streaming a LIVE update on Hurricane Sandy from CBS News. Zach will have a local update after the national update.

Nick Dutton October 29, 20123:41 pm

Robert, our assignment desk editor extraordinaire, says many of the Tri-Cities school have announced they’ll be closed Tuesday. However, that does not include Petersburg or Hopewell schools.

Click here for the CBS 6 Closings and Delays page. Make sure to bookmark it and check back often.

Nick Dutton October 29, 20123:39 pm

Some good advice from one of our Facebook friends. Make sure to bring your pets in from the storm.

“They are as sensitive to it as we are if not more. Bring them in to be with you and not in a garage or utility room. They need reassurance and love,” wrote Lisa P.

Nick Dutton October 29, 20123:34 pm

Check out this amazing video of the Coast Guard rescuing the crew aboard that historic tall ship off the North Carolina Coast.

Watch now–>

Zach Daniel October 29, 20123:05 pm

STORM REPORT: 63 mph wind gust measured in Accomack on the eastern shore of VA. 1.49″ of rain so far at RIC through 3 PM

Nick Dutton October 29, 20122:44 pm

Culpeper County officials opened the emergency shelter at the Salem Volunteer Fire Department on Sperryville Pike at 2 p.m. today.

Scott Wise October 29, 20122:33 pm

Henrico Public Utilities has cancelled refuse collection for Tuesday. Pickup will be delayed one day for the rest of the week, except for Friday, which will take place on Sunday.

Collection will follow this schedule Oct. 30-Nov. 4:

Tuesday: No refuse pickup
Wednesday: Pickup for Tuesday customers
Thursday: Pickup for Wednesday customers
Friday: Pickup for Thursday customers
Saturday: No pickup due to community cleanup
Sunday: Pickup for Friday customers

The regular collection schedule will resume Monday, Nov. 5.

Nick Dutton October 29, 20122:11 pm

Henrico Public Utilities has cancelled refuse collection for Tuesday.

Carrie Rose October 29, 20122:08 pm

Sandy’s wind field is tremendous. Tropical-Storm force winds extend nearly 500 miles outward from the center of the low, with hurricane-force winds mainly to the southwest of the low’s center by as much as 175 miles. That doesn’t bode well for Virginia’s Eastern Shore, Northern Neck, Middle Peninsula, or Northern Virginia closer to the low’s center and those hurricane-force winds.

Carrie Rose October 29, 20122:04 pm

Hurricane Hunter Aircraft just confirmed 90 mph maximum sustained winds in Hurricane Sandy, with higher gusts.

Carrie Rose October 29, 20122:03 pm

2 p.m. update from the National Hurricane Center on Hurricane Sandy: Still a strong Cat 1 with maximum sustained winds of 90 mph. Sandy is moving much faster to the Northwest now at 28 mph, which will lead to an earlier landfall at the southern tip of the New Jersey coast early this evening.

Nick Dutton October 29, 20121:46 pm

Scott Wise October 29, 20121:44 pm

Tracy Sears, who is in Deltaville right now, sent back this video.

Nick Dutton October 29, 20121:44 pm

Nick Dutton October 29, 20121:44 pm

Nick Dutton October 29, 20121:43 pm

Nick Dutton October 29, 20121:43 pm

Gov. McDonnell says VODT will work during the storm to remove debris, as long as it is safe for crews to do so.

Nick Dutton October 29, 20121:41 pm

JUST IN: All Henrico County Public Libraries will close at 5 p.m. Monday; all programs and activities are cancelled.

Scott Wise October 29, 20121:35 pm
Scott Wise October 29, 20121:30 pm

Gov. McDonnell – “Prepare now for power outages.” Charge your cell phones now, he said.

Scott Wise October 29, 20121:29 pm

Gov. McDonnell – Call 511 to get most up to date traffic information, adds “don’t go out.”

Scott Wise October 29, 20121:28 pm

Gov. McDonnell – HOV restrictions lifted to encourage those who MUST drive – to stay on the interstate, not secondary roads.

Scott Wise October 29, 20121:27 pm

Gov. McDonnell – Virginia will ask for federal disaster assistance

Scott Wise October 29, 20121:27 pm

Gov. McDonnell – Good news is power outages have not been a big issue yet. Bad news – they will be.

Scott Wise October 29, 20121:24 pm

Gov. Bob McDonnell is now providing his update on Hurricane Sandy.
He said the current track means the storm will have more of an impact on Northern Virginia.
He said Richmond is now foretasted to have less rain.

Nick Dutton October 29, 20121:17 pm

Zach Daniel October 29, 20121:14 pm

1 PM #Sandy update: Based on the current movement, Sandy will make landfall at approx. 8 PM, earlier than previously expected.

Scott Wise October 29, 20121:00 pm
Scott Wise October 29, 201212:57 pm

Read more:

Nick Dutton October 29, 201212:57 pm

AHEAD AT 1:15: Gov. Bob McDonnell is holding another news briefing about the state’s preparations for Sandy. Joe St. George is there.

You can watch LIVE on CBS 6 and

Nick Dutton October 29, 201212:52 pm

WATCH LIVE: President Obama is addressing the nation of Hurricane Sandy’s impact.

The president said the center of storm will make landfall later this evening.

He said this is a slow-moving system, impacting a wide swath of the country. Millions will be affected.

He said to make sure you heed warnings from state and local officials say. When they say evacuate, you need to get out. If you don’t you’re putting first responders in danger.

“This is a serious storm – and could have fatal consequences if people haven’t acted quickly,” Obama said.

“ has a lot of important info to make sure you’re prepared for the storm.

Nick Dutton October 29, 201212:32 pm

How are cell phones companies getting ready for the storm? These days, for a lot of folks, that’s all they have in the storm.

The big carriers spent the weekend getting ready. Verizon readied repair equipment, Sprint engineers deployed backup generators just outside the storm path and AT&T installed new batteries at cell sites. More–>

Nick Dutton October 29, 201212:16 pm

Right now, it’s pretty much just a normal rainy day, but @ZachDanielCBS6 says the worst is yet to come.

Here’s the latest on the storm from the CBS 6 Storm Team:

Scott Wise October 29, 201212:09 pm

Ten of the 95 counties in Virginia have cancelled in-person absentee voting for Monday, according to the State Board of Elections.

Read more:

Scott Wise October 29, 201212:05 pm

Per CNN:

Officials are evacuating several hundred people from west Atlantic City, an area filled with many single-story motels where water levels are “dangerously high,” said county spokeswoman Linda Gilmore. “Conditions are deteriorating as we speak,” she said. “This storm is unprecedented.”

Scott Wise October 29, 201211:55 am
Scott Wise October 29, 201211:51 am
Scott Wise October 29, 201211:50 am
Carrie Rose October 29, 201211:41 am

Some rainfall totals so far: Newport News: 4.49″, Norfolk: 3.49″, Suffolk: 3.49″, VA Beach: 6.78″, Wakefield: 1.18″

Carrie Rose October 29, 201211:40 am

First really heavy batch of rain is in the Richmond Metro. Expect heavy rain for much of the afternoon! Still looks like we’re on track to verify 3″-6″ of rainfall by the end of this storm system across the Richmond Metro.

Scott Wise October 29, 201211:08 am
Scott Wise October 29, 201211:05 am

Chesterfield County opens storm shelter at Meadowbrook High School.

Read more:

Scott Wise October 29, 201210:37 am

Georgia Power trucks assemble in Henrico, await word on where to go.

See more pictures:

Nick Dutton October 29, 201210:34 am

Check out this photo of the Avalon Pier in Kill Devil Hills as it was being torn apart Monday morning by Hurricane Sandy.

Stick with CBS 6 News and as we ride out the storm together. Depend on us for the most complete coverage, with the most experienced reporters and most accurate forecast!

Carrie Rose October 29, 201210:05 am

Check out Hurricane Sandy from space…

Carrie Rose October 29, 201210:00 am

Sandy report from CBS 6 viewer Robert Boyle: “Over 3 inches of rain and wind is blowing hard in Farnham.” Specifically the gusts are 25-35 mph. That is tame compared to what is coming later today and tonight…

Carrie Rose October 29, 20129:57 am

Sandy rain report from Gwynns Island in Mathews Co: 7.21″ (WOW)…4.43″ fell on Sunday with 2.78″ so far Monday.

Scott Wise October 29, 20129:00 am

JUST IN: CVWMA curbside recycling and trash collections are on regular schedule at this time.

Carrie Rose October 29, 20128:42 am

REALLY glad I made it back from my honeymoon yesterday before flight delays and cancellations set in! Here’s my Monday morning blog update on Sandy, with video analysis from Meteorologist Mike Stone, who was also in the Weather Center with me this morning for coverage:

Scott Wise October 29, 20127:31 am

Expect to see rain mixed with some snow.
Here’s a look at your Hurricane Sandy track and forecast.

Please enable Javascript to watch this video

Scott Wise October 29, 20127:30 am

Chesterfield County Schools spokesman Shawn Smith appeared on CBS 6 This Morning to discuss the county’s decision to close schools Monday. He also addressed when the school system planned to make a call for Tuesday.

Watch now:

Scott Wise October 29, 20126:33 am

Sandy looks impressive from outer space.

Check out this time-lapse video from NASA.

Watch here:

Scott Wise October 29, 20125:16 am

Here’s the 5:00 a.m. update on Hurricane Sandy.

– Sandy is getting stronger (75 mph wind to 85 mph winds)
– Rain and wind heading east to west thru Virginia
– Landfall expected tonight in New Jersey
– “Worst” part of the storm for us is later this afternoon and evening
– Wind gusts could reach 60 mph on Northern Neck, Middle Peninsula

Please enable Javascript to watch this video

Scott Wise October 29, 20124:07 am

More than 100 flights have been cancelled Monday at Richmond International Airport (RIC).


Scott Wise October 29, 20123:28 am

The Jamestown-Scotland Ferry (JSF) resumed service at 3:00 a.m. Monday. Here is the info if you need it:

Alix Bryan October 28, 201211:53 pm

Emergency Officials are warning residents to bring in campaign signs and Halloween decorations – fearing they may become flying debris.

Please enable Javascript to watch this video

Alix Bryan October 28, 201211:48 pm

Governor McDonnell warned residents to not just have water and flashlights prepared, but to have warm clothing as well as temperatures are expected to drop as a result of the storm.

Alix Bryan October 28, 201211:39 pm

Important phone numbers to have ready:

Alix Bryan October 28, 201211:30 pm

Here is a look at what is still ahead for Central Virginia, with effects of Hurricane Sandy yet to arrive.

Please enable Javascript to watch this video

Alix Bryan October 28, 201210:30 pm

Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority (RRHA) offices will be closed on Monday, October 29, 2012 as a result of forecasted inclement weather due to Hurricane Sandy. Essential personnel are scheduled to report.

Alix Bryan October 28, 201210:15 pm

Right now the most power outages are in Southeast Virginia. There are 4,421 without power. That number has tripled over the past few hours. In the metro area there are 8 without power. We’ll see how that number changes in the next 24 hours. Fingers crossed it doesn’t change much!

Alix Bryan October 28, 201210:06 pm

Please, remember to treat an intersection like a four-way stop when power goes out!

Alix Bryan October 28, 201210:02 pm

PLEASE KEY IN THE VA. DOM NUMBER! The company reminds its customers to call toll free 1-866-DOM-HELP (1-866-366-4357) in the event of outages or downed lines. Customers may also report an outage through the company’s mobile website at by typing in the phone number or account number on record with the company and the last four digits of their Social Security number, PIN or federal tax ID number.

Alix Bryan October 28, 20129:59 pm

Henrico storm hotline to open at 6 a.m. Monday

Henrico County’s information hotline for residents with storm-related questions will operate until 9 p.m. tonight and will reopen at 6 a.m. Monday. The hotline previously had been scheduled to open at 8 a.m. Monday.

Residents can call (804) 501-7900 to report downed trees, blocked roadways and other storm-related issues.

Zach Daniel October 28, 20129:34 pm


Alix Bryan October 28, 20129:19 pm

Check this out: The last train to leave Grand Central Terminal on October 28, 2012, left from Track 18 at 7:10 p.m. It was a Stamford local.

Photo: Metropolitan Transportation Authority / Aaron Donovan

Zach Daniel October 28, 20128:39 pm

I’ll be on CBS 6 at 8:46 PM with a live weather update (about 5 minutes from now).

Zach Daniel October 28, 20128:36 pm

8 PM Update: Sandy is still packing maximum sustained winds of 75 mph, with a northeast movement at 15 mph. A heavy drizzle is falling across the metro area, with heavy rain in the Northern Neck, Middle Peninsula, and Hampton Roads. Current winds in central VA are 15-25 mph sustained, with gusts to 30 mph. Eastern VA is currently experiencing winds sustained at 20-30 mph, gusting to 40 mph. -Zach

Alix Bryan October 28, 20128:30 pm

VCU is closed on Monday, and VCU police say that the Health System will operate on schedule. Full list of closings:

Alix Bryan October 28, 20128:10 pm

Virginia state agencies in Richmond are closed. The Gov. said that executive branch agencies will be closed throughout the state in anticipation for Hurricane Sandy. Full complete closings.

Alix Bryan October 28, 20127:27 pm

Check out the flooding in Portsmouth and how one kid enjoyed it.

Full story here:

Alix Bryan October 28, 20126:38 pm

In anticipation of pending, potentially hazardous weather, all inmate visitation at the Richmond City Jail for Monday 10/28 and Tuesday 10/29 has been cancelled.

The Richmond City Sheriffs Office has instituted a liberal leave policy for all non-essential personnel. Essential personnel must report as scheduled.

Alix Bryan October 28, 20126:02 pm

This 7-11 off of Forest Hill Avenue, in Stratford HIll area is out of gas!

Alix Bryan October 28, 20125:52 pm

This is an image from the National Hurricane Center. Check out how huge Sandy is–almost 900 miles of wind. This graphic shows the areas potentially being affected by the sustained winds of tropical storm force (in orange) and hurricane force (in red). The display is based on the wind radii contained in the latest Forecast/Advisory (indicated at the top of the figure). Users are reminded that the Forecast/Advisory wind radii represent the maximum possible extent of a given wind speed within particular quadrants around the tropical cyclone. As a result, not all locations falling within the orange or red shaded areas will be experiencing sustained tropical storm or hurricane force winds, respectively.

Nick Dutton October 28, 20125:51 pm

You can watch LIVE coverage of Sandy’s impact on Hampton Roads right on

Watch now–>

Alix Bryan October 28, 20125:39 pm

Here is a very cool glance at Richmond, with the top photo from a month ago and the bottom photo from today. Photo courtesy of @TuoBailey

Alix Bryan October 28, 20125:23 pm

Here is Zach Daniel’s 5 p.m. Sandy update for Virginia. View full forecast here:

Alix Bryan October 28, 20125:02 pm

Via CNN: Updated figures indicate classes have been canceled Monday for at least 2.1 million public school K-12 students along the East Coast in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy.

Nick Dutton October 28, 20124:52 pm

Check out these videos we found on YouTube that show the Sandy’s impact on coastal Virginia and North Carolina. Watch more vids here –>

Alix Bryan October 28, 20124:51 pm

Chesterfield County Schools are closed. For a full recap of closings, please click here:

Alix Bryan October 28, 20124:46 pm

GRTC adds 5th route to help transport residents to shelters. Read more:

Alix Bryan October 28, 20124:05 pm

Henrico Schools are closed folks. For a full list of closings, please view:

Alix Bryan October 28, 20123:54 pm

Petersburg Schools are cancelled on Monday. For a full list of closings, please view:

Megan Woo October 28, 20123:53 pm

Viewer Billy Fox sent us a picture of some flooding in West Point:

Alix Bryan October 28, 20123:28 pm

Amtrak is cancelling Northeast Corridor services for Monday, Oct. 29. Read here, on their Facebook page, for complete details:

Scott Wise October 28, 20123:09 pm

More Hurricane Sandy pictures are coming in to CBS 6. Here is one of flooding in White Stone from viewer Rebecca Pryor.


Scott Wise October 28, 20122:46 pm
Scott Wise October 28, 20122:36 pm
Scott Wise October 28, 20122:27 pm
Scott Wise October 28, 20122:21 pm
Scott Wise October 28, 20122:18 pm
Scott Wise October 28, 20122:16 pm
Scott Wise October 28, 20122:16 pm
Scott Wise October 28, 20122:13 pm
Scott Wise October 28, 20122:10 pm
Scott Wise October 28, 20122:04 pm
Scott Wise October 28, 20121:43 pm

It appears people are taking this storm seriously.
These pictures were sent to us from a viewer in Short Pump.
Not a lot of bread and batteries left at this store.

Scott Wise October 28, 20121:36 pm
Nick Dutton October 28, 20121:13 pm

The governor will give an update on Virginia’s preparations for Hurricane Sandy this afternoon at 2 p.m.

CBS 6 News’ Joe St. George will be there. You can watch the briefing LIVE on (right at the top of this page) and on 6.3, our digital channel.

Megan Woo October 28, 20121:04 pm

Henrico has established a storm hotline where residents can call in to report blocked roadways, fallen trees, and ask storm related questions. The number is 501-7900. The line will open at 3 p.m. today and remain open until 9 p.m. The line will reopen on Monday at 8 a.m.

Jasmine Westbrooks October 28, 201212:00 pm

The city of Richmond has designated two emergency relief shelters for residents to use if they expect to be displaced by Hurricane Sandy. GRTC is also providing transportation to the emergency relief shelters as needed. Find more information here

Jasmine Westbrooks October 28, 201211:18 am

The Mayor asks residents to call 3-1-1 to report non-life threatening emergencies and downed trees. The City’s Call Center will be running beginning today and remain open 24 hours a day until the the storm event concludes.

Mike Stone October 28, 201211:06 am

11 am stats on Sandy are in: still a hurricane with 75 mph winds. Updated blog post at

Nick Dutton October 28, 201210:36 am

It seems like we’ve been talking about Hurricane Sandy for days now. And forecasters have been warning folks to prepare for the worst.

That said, do you feel ready to ride out the storm? Take our poll!

Nick Dutton October 28, 201210:04 am

Here’s your Sunday morning update on Hurricane Sandy from CBS 6 Storm Team Meteorologist Mike Stone:

Please enable Javascript to watch this video

Nick Dutton October 28, 201210:02 am

SEE IT, SHOOT IT, SEND IT: Here’s a photo from FB friend Rebecca P. in White Stone. She says one of her neighbor’s piers is already under water.

What’s the weather like where you live? Let us know on the CBS 6 Facebook page.

Also, email your photos to or you can post them on the CBS 6 Facebook page. (Just be sure to put safety first!)

Stay safe everyone! We’re all in this together and will make it through.

Mike Stone October 28, 20129:46 am

Pic from VA Beach @ 8:30 am (tilt your head to the right!)

Mike Stone October 28, 20129:44 am

Updated forecast & graphics:

Forecast video:

Nick Dutton October 28, 201212:02 am

We’ve had a few more delays and closings added for Sunday.

Busch Gardens is closed Sunday.

Also, Northumberland County schools are closed through Tuesday.

Click here for the CBS 6 Closings and Delays page. Make sure to bookmark it and check back often.

Nick Dutton October 27, 201211:55 pm

Here are some useful tips on how to prepare for a storm or hurricane!

In areas where hurricanes can strike, it’s a good idea to have a closet or an area set aside for storm preparedness storage. There, you can keep items you’ll need in case disaster strikes suddenly or you need to evacuate. Read more –>

Nick Dutton October 27, 201211:53 pm

Stick with CBS 6 News and as we ride out the storm together. We’ll have the most complete coverage, with the most experienced reporters and most accurate forecast!

Nick Dutton October 27, 201211:51 pm

Here’s a look at possible winds speeds for Sunday:

More Maps Here –>

Nick Dutton October 27, 201211:49 pm

Here’s the Saturday evening update on Sandy’s progress and track from CBS 6 Storm Team Meteorologist Mike Stone:

Please enable Javascript to watch this video

Watch CBS 6 News Sunday Morning from 6 to 8 a.m. for Mike’s latest forecast!

Mike Stone October 27, 201211:32 pm

Updated info & graphics:

Mike Stone October 27, 20126:57 pm

Updated forecast video:

Mike Stone October 27, 20125:17 pm

Updated forecast track & information:

Nick Dutton October 27, 20124:28 pm

We already have a few closings reported for Sunday and Monday

College Of William and Mary: No evening activities; No evening classes; Campus Closing Noon Sun; Campus Closed Monday

Middlesex Co. Schools: Closed Monday; Employees Code 12-0

Click here for the CBS 6 Closings and Delays page. Make sure to bookmark it and check back often.

Nick Dutton October 27, 20124:23 pm

UPDATE: Mayor Dwight Jones has declared a local state of emergency for the City of Richmond Saturday afternoon.

Find out what he had to say when Sandra Jones asked how the mayor would respond to residents who complained about his perceived lack of leadership during Hurricane Irene.

Nick Dutton October 27, 20124:04 pm

Officials announced Saturday afternoon that Mitt Romney’s campaign rally planned for Sunday at The University of Richmond has been canceled because of Hurricane Sandy.

Nick Dutton October 27, 20121:42 pm

Meteorologists say the hybrid weather monster nicknamed “Frankenstorm” is looking more ominous by the hour for the East Coast. So utilities and local governments are getting ready.

In fact, Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones will hold a new briefing on the city’s preparation efforts at 3:30 p.m. this afternoon.

Here’s how some other areas are gearing up for the storm on the East Coast.

Nick Dutton October 27, 20121:32 pm

Check out this video from Wrightsville Beach that was captured early Saturday morning. Sandy is already making some big waves off the coast of North Carolina.

Additionally, North Carolina’s Department of Public Safety says 40 counties are now under a state of emergency as people brace for the storm.

Please enable Javascript to watch this video

Nick Dutton October 27, 201211:21 am

Here’s the latest update on the storm from Mike Stone.

Scott Wise October 27, 20129:21 am
Mike Stone October 27, 20128:04 am

8 am advisory is out from the Hurricane Center….an Air Force plane was flown into Sandy and found the winds were 75 mph — making Sandy a hurricane again

Mike Stone October 27, 20127:29 am

Mike Stone October 27, 20127:18 am

This morning’s forecast video:

Mike Stone October 27, 20126:52 am

Another update on Sandy is coming up in a few moments — and more between 7-8 am

Scott Wise October 27, 20126:15 am

Sandy now a tropical storm, will still impact local weather starting Sunday.

Nick Dutton October 27, 201212:43 am

We’re excited to announce a new RADAR product on

Click the image below to check our RadarScope. It lets you look at A TON of neat data from different radar sites across the country!

Nick Dutton October 27, 201212:29 am

Nick Dutton October 27, 201212:27 am

Ever wondered how localities gear up for these major storms? Well, Angela Pellerano got an inside look at Henrico County’s Central Command Center.

Let’s see what the plan is for Henrico — and other localities in Central Virginia.
Watch now–>

Nick Dutton October 27, 201212:16 am

Hurricane Sandy is still a threat, not a reality, to many would-be travelers.

Airlines are offering passengers the opportunity to tweak their travel plans in advance of the storm, which isn’t expected to hit the U.S. East Coast in full until late Sunday or early Monday.

Nick Dutton October 26, 201211:59 pm

LATEST CLOSINGS AND DELAYS: We already have a few delays reported for Sunday.

Click here for the CBS 6 Closings and Delays page. Make sure to bookmark it and check back often.

Nick Dutton October 26, 201211:52 pm

We’ve got you covered with video, too! Here’s Zach’s latest report.

Stick with CBS 6 News and as we ride out the storm together. We’ll have the most complete coverage, with the most experienced reporters and most accurate forecast!

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Nick Dutton October 26, 201211:49 pm

And here’s another image from Zach on the storm’s likely track.

Get the latest on CBS 6 News Saturday morning from 6 to 8 a.m.
CBS 6 Storm Team Meteorologist Mike Stone will have the latest on the storm’s path.

Nick Dutton October 26, 201211:46 pm

Here’s Zach’s latest update on Sandy from 11 p.m.

Nick Dutton October 26, 20128:41 pm

Have questions about getting ready for the storm? Red Cross representative John McNamara dropped by the CBS 6 studios Friday to talk about what families need to do in the event of power failure or worse following Hurricane Sandy.Have questions about getting ready for the storm? Red Cross representative John McNamara dropped by the CBS 6 studios Friday to talk about what families need to do in the event of power failure or worse following Hurricane Sandy.

Click here.

Click here.

Nick Dutton October 26, 20126:23 pm

JUST IN: The City of Richmond says it “is taking the storm very seriously and has taken several steps to help ensure resident safety.”

• Essential personnel have been placed on standby.
• An escalating personnel plan is in place to ensure that the City has adequate coverage throughout the anticipated event.
• The City’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) will open at 8 a.m. Sunday, October 28, and will remain open as needed to coordinate the City’s storm response efforts.
• The City has identified emergency relief shelters that will open, beginning on Sunday, to serve displaced families.
• The City has revised its homeless services plan in anticipation of the storm.

Additionally, the city will open two emergency shelters at Linwood Holton Elementary and J. H. Blackwell Elementary.

Nick Dutton October 26, 20126:03 pm

Have you been out to the store today? Was it crazy? Send us a message on Facebook or Twitter — or scroll down and leave a comment.

Nick Dutton October 26, 20125:53 pm

Here’s the latest on Sandy’s forecast track from Zach Daniels.

Nick Dutton October 26, 20124:34 pm

Don’t miss CBS 6 News starting at 5 p.m. for Zach’s latest storm track.

Nick Dutton October 26, 20124:33 pm

Here’s the latest from Shelby Brown:

Scott Wise October 26, 20124:06 pm

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Scott Wise October 26, 20123:55 pm

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell provides a Friday afternoon update on what to expect from Hurricane Sandy

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Scott Wise October 26, 20123:04 pm

We’re being told the governor will speak in about 5 minutes.

Scott Wise October 26, 20122:46 pm

Governor McDonnell will hold a briefing to discuss Hurricane Sandy at 3:00 p.m. We plan to stream his remarks here –>

Scott Wise October 26, 20122:36 pm

Have you used the Interactive Hurricane Tracker on

It enables you to track Hurricane Sandy on your computer.

Here’s the link:

Bookmark it now.

Scott Wise October 26, 20121:18 pm

Mike Stone’s Friday afternoon Hurricane Sandy update

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Nick Dutton October 26, 20121:05 pm

CLOSINGS: Officials say all Chesterfield County school buildings will be closed on Sunday, Oct. 28.

“The college fair scheduled for Sunday at Cosby High School has been canceled.
In addition, all faith-based services and community plays and practices scheduled for Sunday have been canceled,” Chesterfield County Public Schools’ Leigh Ann
McKelway said in a news release.

Mike Stone October 26, 201212:54 pm

Latest forecast video:

Mike Stone October 26, 201212:53 pm

Sandy is still a category 1 with 80 mph winds…no change since this morning.

Nick Dutton October 26, 201211:47 am

JUST IN: Officials say there will be no visitation this Saturday at the Sussex I and II prisons.

Stay with CBS 6 News and for the latest Hurricane Sandy-related updates on closings and delays!

Scott Wise October 26, 201211:20 am

A decision on whether to reverse lanes on Interstate 64 to help in the evacuation of Hampton Roads will be made this evening, the governor noted.

Read more:

Scott Wise October 26, 201211:20 am

Governor McDonnell has declared a state of emergency for Virginia ahead of Hurricane Sandy.

Read more:

Scott Wise October 26, 20128:37 am

Here’s a recent blog post from Zach Daniel:

I’ve analyzed the models ad nauseam, and have put together what I think we should be prepared for when Sandy moves into the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. I’ll likely make tweaks to all of these at some point between now and when the storm begins.

Read more:

Mike Stone October 26, 20128:15 am

8 am update keeps Sandy’s winds at 80 mph (category 1), and the location is in the NE Bahamas.

Here is the latest forecast track:

An updated track forecast will be released at 11 am.

The period of Monday to Wednesday is still not 100% certain at this point. You can see some computer models take the storm much farther north.

Scott Wise October 26, 20127:30 am

If you are a Dominion Virginia Power customer, keep this number handy.

Call 1-866-DOM-HELP (1-866-366-4357) to report a power outage.

Here is a corporate video Dominion produced about the company’s storm preps:

Scott Wise October 26, 20126:46 am

Do you have a emergency preparedness kit? Here are some tips from Dominion on what you should have on hand ahead of Hurricane Sandy.

Scott Wise October 26, 20126:31 am

Mike Stone is tracking Hurricane Sandy. Here’s his Friday morning update:

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Scott Wise October 26, 20126:24 am

How much rain will Hurricane Sandy bring to Central Virginia? Zach Daniel wrote, “The graphic below indicates how much rain I think we will see across the Commonwealth, in the time period Saturday through Wednesday. I don’t expect much rain on Saturday, with the greatest potential for heavy rain late Sunday through Tuesday.”

Read more:

Scott Wise October 26, 20126:20 am

NASA’s Terra satellite flew over Hurricane Sandy around noon on Oct. 25 and captured this image.

Please enable Javascript to watch this video

Scott Wise October 26, 20126:15 am

A nasty storm could blast the East Coast next week. U.S. government forecasters are calling it ‘Frankenstorm’: a mix of a hurricane and a winter storm that will hit around Halloween.

Read more: