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Worker finds snake in Arizona port-a-potty

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CASA GRANDE, AZ (KPHO) – It started out as just another day on the job for Troy Anderson. 

He works at Casa Grande Rent-A-Can. Anderson was cleaning out a port-a-potty at a construction site in Sells when he noticed he wasn’t alone. 

“I was checking it out. I usually go in there and check for toilet paper first. I heard the water splash around and usually the stuff in there doesn’t splash around,” said Anderson. 

When Anderson looked in the john he spotted what looked to be a 5-foot long Coachwhip snake beginning to surface. 

With a litter picker in one hand and his smart phone in the other, Troy tried to fish out the serpent.

“The litter picker was just flimsy, it was hard to get a hold of him,” said Anderson. 

The two went back and forth for about five minutes before Anderson pulled the snake out of the water and onto the floor. 

“After I flung him out. I was kicking dirt at him. I didn’t want him coming back,” said Anderson.

Using the door as a shield, he said he didn’t waste any time getting the reptile back into the desert.