When we’ll see more rain this week


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Amanda Meadows October 3, 20125:55 pm

Right lane cleared at Maury- I’ll be back at 5 am with more LIVE traffic updates. See ya then!

Amanda Meadows October 3, 20125:38 pm

95 north picked up a crash at Maury – the right lane is closed. Avoid the area if possible. Half mile backup.

Amanda Meadows October 3, 20125:34 pm

Watch out for a crash along Belt at Midlothian Tpke. Use Hull instead.

Amanda Meadows October 3, 20124:50 pm

Very heavy traffic coming in from the Bryan Park on 95 South. Can’t see any crashes or problems- just be prepared for the brake lights :

Amanda Meadows October 3, 20128:36 am

Major delays on 288 North due to a crash. Lanes closed at Midlothian Tpke. Please avoid the area.

Amanda Meadows October 3, 20128:20 am

Break down has the left shoulder closed at Belvidere on 95 North. Use caution and respect the move over law:

Amanda Meadows October 3, 20127:32 am

Crash working near VCU (engineering building) along Belvidere at Main. Use Cary or Franklin as an alternate.

Amanda Meadows October 3, 20127:05 am

Starting to pick up along 95 South at Belvidere. Give yourself 5-10 extra minutes near mile marker 78.

Amanda Meadows October 3, 20127:04 am

Crash working off Hull Street along Southwood at Treehaven. Back in a residential area.

Amanda Meadows October 3, 20126:36 am

Construction clearing at Bells Road. Delays free across the board.

Amanda Meadows October 3, 20125:58 am

So far so good on the roads. Little slick still this morning, so use caution. Accident free across the board.