Debate not a game changer for some Virginians

RICHMOND,Va (WTVR) - Hundreds of people gathered at Richmond’s Hippodrome Theater Wednesday night to cheer Barack Obama during the first of three presidential debates.  “

You don't want Mitt Romney up in there," said Obama supported Cynthia Portee. "If you think you’ve seen trouble, you getting ready to see it with him up in there.”

Portee said the president has not had enough time to fix the country's economy and she hoped he would use the debate to make his case.

Mitt Romney supporter Megan Paulsen said she was confident Romney will put the U.S. back on the right path, socially and fiscally. She said the Republican candidate's debate performance should encourage others to vote for Romney.

"John McCain didn't make eye contact with Barack Obama and that says a lot about one’s self confidence," Paulsen said.


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