VIDEO: Woman screams at big bear, watch what happens next

Nishanto the Bear

(WTVR) – Stand your ground and fight back. Those are two suggestions the Mother Nature Network published in an article on how to survive an encounter with a black bear. In a video recently posted on YouTube, a woman is seen doing just that.

In the video titled “The Bear Meets Nishanto,” you can see a black bear wandering in someone’s yard. As the bear climbs the steps to what appears to be a back deck, someone off camera yells, “Nishanto, the bear is here.”

Moments later a woman – presumably Nishanto – appears on the deck and yells at the bear.

“Get down,” she cries. “Right now. Go. No. Down!”

The large bear obeys the commands, backs down and runs off.

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Mobile users can watch the video here.


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