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McDonnell drops by gas station; criticizes Obama’s energy policies

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – Governor McDonnell pulled into a gas station Friday,  not to refuel,  but to bring attention to what he calls President Obama’s failed energy policy.

McDonnell held a news conference at Bert’s Buck Stop in Richmond to address the matter.

McDonnell said the president’s opposition to offshore drilling is not just increasing America’s dependence on foreign oil, but that believes it could also be hurting prices at the pump. He also cited a recent Quinnipiac poll that found 66-percent of Virginia voters favor offshore drilling.

The governor went on to say that the policy is putting a drain on job creation across the country and in the Commonwealth.

“I can tell you we’re in reasonably good shape, compared to most states, but I look at the shackles on us on energy. The billions of dollars of unfunded mandates… I’m saying, we’d be better if we had Mitt Romney,” said McDonnell. 

However, President Obama’s campaign fired back with this statement.

“Mitt Romney`s energy plan was written by big oil, for big oil.   It will do nothing to reduce our dependence on foreign energy and will instead give billions of dollars in taxpayer-funded subsidies to his oil company donors that are already raking in record profits.  President Obama supports an all of the above energy plan, and under his leadership, domestic oil production is at its highest level in 14 years, our dependence on foreign oil is at a 20-year low, and increased fuel-efficiency standards will save us 12 billion barrels of oil.”

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