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Person was trapped in flipped car from Boulevard crash

Richmond, Va. (WTVR)–Richmond Police, and the Fire Department are at the scene of a two-vehicle crash on the Boulevard, at the Interstate-95 Southbound exit ramp. 

There were two vehicles involved in the crash and one was flipped. EMS extricated a person from the truck. A Honda was also involved. 

Police were enroute to the scene at 4:19 p.m., on Tuesday. They remain on scene, and delays are expected in this area. 

The southbound exit ramp was closed, as was the on ramp for I-95 northbound. 

This is a breaking news alert and we will have more information as it becomes available, online and on CBS 6. 

Boulevard at I-95 Southbound Exit Ramp

Ramp is closed

Onramp for I-95 North is also closed

One person extricated from a vehicle


Truck and a Honda


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