Report: Trayvon Martin’s DNA not on gun that killed him

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(WTVR) -   A USA Today report out Wednesday says Trayvon Martin's DNA is not on the gun that killed him, but George Zimmerman's is.

Zimmerman is accused of shooting the unarmed 17-year-old, while patrolling for a Florida community watch program in May.

He told police he shot in self-defense after he was knocked to the ground and Martin reached for his gun.

Prosecutors say DNA shows Zimmerman was the only person to touch the grip of that gun.

It was part of the report they released Wednesday that includes witness statements, hundreds of photos of the gated community where the shooting happened, a 911 call made by Martin's father the day after his death to report his son missing, and an interview with the 7-11 clerk who saw the teen minutes before he was shot.

Zimmerman is charged with second degree murder and has pleaded not guilty.