Folks livid about semis driving along Chesterfield road

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CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WTVR) - Neighbors along Westfield Road in Chesterfield say they don’t believe the narrow road with no shoulder is equipped to handle semis and other big trucks.

Homeowners are turning to the county for help, saying that the semis are causing a huge safety concern.

"Every day, and any time of the day there's not one day that you don't see a big truck,” said Rosa Demasi,  one of the neighbors fed up with trucks cutting through her community.

“Here we are always concerned. We're afraid. Over on that side of the road, there are trees hanging low and power lines. When the big trucks come through they just catch all the leaves and of course, you’re afraid,” she added.

Demasi is thrilled neighbors have now asked the county to restrict through truck traffic on Westfield Road from Winterfield to Sycamore Square Drive.

Avid jogger Kelli Brown, who runs on the narrow stretch of road, says that would be a great idea.

“The road is quite narrow and there is no shoulder or sidewalk," said Brown. "Sometimes the road can get crowded especially if trucks or buses are coming from both directions. The other day a bus was coming and another car was coming when I was out here running and it was either me move, or get flattened, so I jumped into the ditch.”

Pastor Purnell Johnson, whose church First Baptist of Midlothian sits along Westfield Road, said he understands the frustration with those big trucks and speeders. He is hopeful county supervisors, who are are considering a restriction on those trucks, might install speed bumps too.

“With cars coming through and the young kids in the community it’s a concern. Also, across the street you have an adult learning center and seniors fifty five and up go there to take classes. Those seniors have to try to get across the road and I can see where that’s a good concern,” said Johnson.

VDOT spokesperson Dawn Eischen explained to CBS 6 News that things are now in the beginning stages.  

Now that the neighbors have asked the county to consider the through truck restriction, supervisors will now hold a public hearing on the matter.

Eischen said if after the hearing the county passes a resolution and requests VDOT to delve into the matter and see if the restriction is warranted, they will do a study. That process could take nine months or so.

“We take into consideration the accident history of the road, types of vehicles that use it, the characteristics of the road. Are there adequate shoulders? Are there curves? Is there an alternate route. If there is a through truck restriction, there must be a viable alternate route for trucks."

A public hearing has been set by the Chesterfield Board of Supervisors. Neighbors, truckers and anyone interested in voicing their concerns can do so on Oct. 10 at 6:30 p.m.