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BATTLEGROUND VIRGINIA: Governor McDonnell talks economy, social issues and the 2012 election

Batttleground Virginia

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – In our inaugural edition of “Battleground Virginia,” Gov. Bob McDonnell came to the CBS 6 studio for a sit-down interview.   As a Republican leader who has been campaigning vigorously for his party’s nominee, Gov. Mitt Romney, McDonnell has plenty to say about what Romney needs to do to carry Virginia.

We discussed the gender gap, particularly among women, and some of the social issues that dominated the GA session last year.

McDonnell also talked about the unintended dissonance between an ad he himself ran recently, “Growing Strong,”  touting his economic record  in the Commonwealth, while Gov. Romney has run ads suggesting to Virginia voters they are worse off.

It was a wide-ranging interview and a great way to start off our new show!


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