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Cat survives 1,000 mile trip via airplane, in suitcase

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ORLANDO, Fla. — A pet owner got quite a surprise when she opened her suitcase after a trip out-of-town. Ethel Maze found her 14-month-old cat Bob-Bob in her bag.

The cat traveled almost 1,000 miles from Ohio to Florida after climbing in Maze’s suitcase.

“I thought how in the world did this happen?” Maze said.

Maze’s friend Mike Groleau was helping pack for the group’s annual trip to Disney World when he thought he saw something move in the suitcase. He says he didn’t give it a second thought.

“It was early in the morning, I’m not fully up yet so maybe my eyes are just playing tricks on me, it never dawned on me,” he said.

Maze was scared that her cat didn’t survive when she found it in the bag.

“Well, I’m just amazed that he made it because he was just soaked when I got him,” she said.

The cat’s trip will home will be in a pet carrier. Maze will have to pay $65. As for Bob-Bob he is safe and healthy. His owner says he has a healthy appetite and things are getting back to normal.

A spokesman for the TSA said the technology used to scan bags is programmed to pick out explosives and weapons, but not animals.