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Teen’s hair ripped from root in wood shop class mishap

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DELTONA, FL (WKMG) – An accident in wood shop class left a Florida teen nearly bald after her hair was ripped out in class.

“As a woman, if someone pulls my hair, it hurts,” said the teen’s mother, Lissette Carrera. “To have it yanked at the root completely out your scalp. I can only imagine what she went through.”

Carrera said she was hysterical when she found out her 17-year-old daughter Kayla had most of her hair ripped out while she was in wood shop class.

“She was flailing her arms trying to feel for the button, she was able to stop the button and that's when the teacher came from the back of the room and started helping her,” said Carrera.

Photos show the extent of the 17-year-old's injuries soon after the accident happened.

Carrera, a teacher herself, said what is more disturbing is that no one at the school bothered to call 911.

“I know the policies and procedures and you always err on the side of caution,” she said. “You make sure that their safety comes first.”

Kayla is recovering and is on medication for pain and help with the swelling on her scalp, according to her mom.

“She's in shock, she keeps saying she looks ugly and everyone's going to make fun of her,” said Carrera. “She's worried about the appearance and reactions of people because it is a little breathtaking; you're taken aback when you look at it.”

The school district has opened an investigation to see if teachers took appropriate action and had appropriate supervision in the classroom when the accident took place.