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Mother sentenced to 25 years for Christmas Eve double-homicide

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – A woman convicted, along with her son, in a Christmas Eve double murder and robbery has been sentenced to 25 years behind bars.

That sentence is exactly what a jury recommended in June when they found her guilty of the murder and robbery of Edward Bowmer Jr. this past Christmas Eve.

Robin Mines cried in court Friday morning when Richmond Circuit Court Judge Beverly Snukals gave her an opportunity to address the court. She moaned that the jury was wrong in finding her guilty of first-degree murder and robbery.

That December night, Mines and her son were in the North 35th Street home of the 60-year-old Bowmer and his friend Robin Clapp.

Additionally, her son Jamal Clemons had already been sentenced to 82 years for killing them both after a drug fueled night.

Even though the prosecution proved she didn’t pull the trigger, they said Mines was just as guilty as her son — knowing he was going to kill — and stepping over the bodies with pillow cases filled with stolen goods on the way out. 

The 25 years is actually low on the sentencing guidelines. Twenty years for the murder and five for the robbery, but the jury took into account that Mines has struggled with drug abuse and hardship most of her life.

She does have a chance to appeal the sentence, but not with her current court appointed attorney, Keven Schork.

In fact, he said something happened while he was representing Mines that would not allow him to remain her attorney. There has been no word on what that is, but the judge will appoint a new attorney early next week.