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LIVE TRAFFIC UPDATES: Conditions improving at the Bryan Park

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Amanda Meadows September 13, 20129:37 am

All lanes are now open on 64 East and West- an earlier crash and break down caused major delays at the Bryan Park. 95 South still heavy heading into the city.

Scott Wise September 13, 20129:23 am

Another viewer sent in this video — traffic slowed down on the Powhite near the exit for City Stadium, also around 9:00 a.m. Drive safely out there!

Scott Wise September 13, 20129:20 am

Here’s another video update from Amanda – recorded around 9:00 a.m.

Amanda Meadows September 13, 20129:08 am

Eastbound lanes at Staples Mill picked up a break down- mile marker 185. Left lane and shoulder closed. Bryan Park backed up 195 NB, 64 EB and WB and along 95 South all the way into the city.

Amanda Meadows September 13, 20129:07 am

Avoid the Bryan Park like the plague. 64 WB all lanes open. 64 EB left lane closed at Staples Mill.

Scott Wise September 13, 20128:52 am

Here’s a picture taken a few minutes ago on Interstate 64 east — heading into the city. We’re told people are slowing down to look at a crash on WB 64 near Staples Mill.

Amanda Meadows September 13, 20128:45 am

Scott Wise September 13, 20128:39 am

Scott Wise September 13, 20128:33 am

Amanda Meadows September 13, 20128:10 am

Left and Center Lane Closed- 64 West at Staples Mill. Major Rubbernecker Delays at the Bryan Park- 64 East, 95 South, 195 North:

Amanda Meadows September 13, 20128:00 am

Major Delays at the Bryan Park due to a crash & sunglare. East is backed up to Staples Mill. West has that crash working at Staples Mill.

Amanda Meadows September 13, 20127:14 am

Here’s a look at the Shockoe Valley Bridge – 64 WB right now. Smooth roll but picking up heading into the city:

Amanda Meadows September 13, 20127:01 am

Getting reports of a crash along 64 WB past 295 (mile marker 202). Left lane and should closed.

Amanda Meadows September 13, 20126:39 am

Crews are scheduled to shut down the right lane between Laburnum & Boulevard for bridge demolition. 8:30am – 3pm. 95 NB & SB.

Scott Wise September 13, 20126:34 am

Amanda Meadows September 13, 20125:57 am

Clean slate so far on the roads. Just one break down at Spring Run and Buck Rub.

Amanda Meadows September 13, 20125:32 am

You could get slowed down by an oversized load traveling Eastbound this morning. It will slow traffic down towards Hampton Roads b/w 9am and noon.