‘Nasty’ pool party upsets neighbors in upscale community

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BOSTON (WTVR) – Neighbors who live in Milton, Massachusetts aren’t happy about a neighborhood house party. It was billed as the “Make it Nasty Mansion Pool Party” and as the name suggested, neighbors said it was no ordinary late night swim with friends, according to a report on WCVB.

“I saw cars parked on both sides, which I never saw. Cars trying to maneuver through,” said one neighbor who did not want his name used in the story.

Police said as many as 1,500 people paid between $15 and $20 to attend the party at the million dollar mansion. Party organizers advertised the event on social media.

Milton Police said after they received complaint calls, it took six officers more than a hour to clear the party.

No arrests were made, but police are investigating the home's owner for selling alcohol without a license. 

"This was extreme, over the top," said another neighbor who was upset with the size of the party. "I think it endangers everyone in the community to have literally hundreds if not thousands of people come into our neighborhood that we don't know."