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Ex-Navy SEAL could face legal action over Bin Laden raid book

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - In an exclusive interview with CBS' 60 Minutes which will air on CBS 6 Sept. 9, the writer of No Easy Day, Matt Bissonette, a former Navy SEAL talked about the book.

He says the story is about those that gathered intelligence on Osama bin Laden for years, and the Navy SEALS  that put a final end to his life during a 40 minute mission.

“This is about September 11th and rests on September 11. And,  it should not be brought into the political arena because this has nothing to do with politics,” said Bissonette.

Bissonette was the second man in the room when Bin Laden was shot. Now, the Pentagon has threatened to take legal action against Bissonette for violating a secrecy agreement.

Still, some Richmonders side with Bissonette.

“More power to the SEAL because as an American and a citizen, and as a private person he has a right to his experiences and to publish that," said teacher Ben Walters.

“I mean, once it’s said and done, why do they have to keep it so secret?” asked Richmonder David French.

CBS 6 spoke with retired Navy SEAL, John McGuire, over the phone. He was at the University of Toledo in Ohio training the mens and women’s basketball team.

Though he says he hasn't read Bissonette’s book,  he thinks the Navy SEAL community is not happy about what they've heard so far.

“There are things that [Navy SEALS] sign that say you are not going to give certain secrets away about what you did. And if you do, there is going to be legal action. Obviously, I`m not a lawyer, but if you sign such an agreement, which I would be shocked if you didn`t sign it,  and violated it, [Bissonette] gets what he gets,” said McGuire, referring to possible legal action by the Pentagon.

In addition, the Pentagon is considering forcing Bissonette and his publisher to forgo royalties of the book.