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Police: Teacher saved lives at Md. school shooting

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PERRY, Md. (CBS)--A Maryland teenager is in serious condition tonight, shot on the first day of school, police say, by another student in the cafeteria.

Sharp shooters stood positioned around the school as students evacuated Perry Hall High
near Baltimore.

They moved in after a student pulled out a gun on the first day of school and critically wounded another teenager.

“It all went blurry, but I remember seeing the gun, that’s what I remember seeing,” said a student.

Witnesses said students in the cafeteria were making fun of a teenager, who then pulled out a gun.

Police say several administrators immediately saw the weapon and rushed in.

“Instructor grabbed him and a second shot discharged,” Jim Johnson, Perry Hall Police Chief, said.

“I just heard the gun shot and a scream and we all ran out,” said a student.

The school went into lockdown until police decided it was safe enough to move them out and down the street where they could meet up with their families.

Some parents were frantic.

“Went to the school thinking I just need to get her out,” said a parent. ”Of course, I couldn’t get anywhere near the school.”

Hundreds of students were escorted from the school to nearby shopping center.

Police are crediting the teacher in the cafeteria for saving lives. The alleged gunman is in custody.

*Tara Mergener for CBS News, Perry Hall, Maryland.