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U. Va. officials deny President’s campaign visit to campus

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On a rainy Saturday in Charlottesville, students crowd the sidewalks and drivers jam the streets on the first weekend before the start of classes.

One student says, "Very excited about the beginning of the year." 

And news spread quickly throughout this college town of President Barack Obama's campaign stop to the University of Virginia, but campus officials say it's not the right time.

"It might be a hassle, but if the President can come to our school and talk to us.  It would be really inspiring," said Chih-Huan Lu.

University officials declined a request from the President's re-election campaign to hold an event on school grounds next week because they say the visit would come on the second day of classes, and would require closing nearby buildings for the entire day.

"It would shut down everything, and education comes first.  So, I definitely think it was the right decision on that,” said Ashley Henry.

"I can understand that main concern about people coming in and kind of throwing everyone out of wack in the beginning of the year....with everything else going on,” said Sarah Ingles.

President Obama is targeting several college towns in the coming days to focus on young voters.

Voters like Michael McEvitt.  He's studying in Political Science and Economics.

"I'm a big Obama fan and it would be phenomenal to have him stop by here,” said McEvitt.  “See him talk and potentially meet him."

University officials also say they would have to bear the full cost of security and do the same for other candidates.

They say the Obama campaign understood the University’s reasons for declining the President’s visit.

And despite UVA’s decision, CBS 6 has learned the President’s trip is still on at a venue in downtown Charlottesville.