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COMPLETE COVERAGE: Chesterfield Marine veteran detained over Facebook posts

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) – The news of a Chesterfield Marine veteran detained for his anti-government Facebook posts page has gained national attention.

Brandon Raub was released from a mental hospital in Salem, Virginia on Thursday.

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His release came after a judge dismissed the case against Raub because the petition for his original detention contained no information on why he was being held. Thus, the judge ruled the government had no grounds to hold him.

CBS 6 News’ Mark Holmberg stopped by Raub’s house Friday night and spoke with him briefly. Mark, who had dropped by to chat with Raub’s family, said the veteran told him he was not yet ready to talk on camera about what happened.

However, Mark said Raub seemed relaxed and at peace, surrounded by his family.

Since Raub was released, his Facebook page settings have changed. Now, the posts have changed from public to private. Raub did post a new photo, though, which shows him kicking back with a big smile.

Watch the interview with Mark in the above video player. 

COMPLETE COVERAGE: Chesterfield Marine veteran detained over Facebook posts


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