Missing endangered Louisa woman turns up in W. Va.

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LOUISA, Va. (WTVR)—The missing woman Lori Faulls turned up Thursday night at Greenbriar County Sheriff’s Office in West Virginia.

Two blocks away police found her ex-husband, Thomas Faulls.

He was arrested and detained and will be sent to Williamsburg on Friday to face charges, said Major Donald Lowe, with Louisa County Sheriff’s Office.

Louisa County Sheriff’s Office will pursue warrants as well.

“We’re extremely glad she was located safe. Although we are still working on all of the details we are happy she will be returning home soon,” Major Lowe said.

Earlier Thursday, Louisa County Sheriff's Deputies executed a search warrant at the Faulls house.

His ex-wife Lori Faulls was reported missing late Wednesday evening.

According to investigators, Lori left Wednesday afternoon to pick up Thomas in Fredericksburg, to take him to Thornburg, Va. where his truck was being repaired.

Neither of them had been seen since and police found Lori's car at Thomas' house.

The Lousia Sheriff's Office were concerned Lori was in danger. They had responded to calls at the Faulls residence for domestic violence in the past.

Major Lowe, said that signs that Thomas was evading police had investigators on high alert.

Just last week, Thomas was involved in a dispute with Lori and her family in Williamsburg, according to police. 

At the urging of the Louisa Deputies, Lori's family reported the incident to the Williamsburg Police Department, who in turn filed felony charges of robbery, abduction, and domestic assualt against Thomas Faulls in connection with Lori's disappearance.

Deputies said Faulls was in possession of a handgun, and given the circumstance, they believed he could be dangerous.