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Curse words part of school lesson plan

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INDIANAPOLIS (WTVR) - A lesson inside one high school classroom has made some parents and students uncomfortable. It wasn't about sex, evolution or any of the other typically taboo topics. The lesson was about cursing, and required students to write down every bad word they knew.

Students in T.C. Howe High School were told to write the curse words on paper and then classroom whiteboard. They were then asked to say words out loud and explain why they were offensive.

Teachers say it's a way to teach kids what not to say. But some students say it made them uncomfortable.

"And everyone was nervous about it and uncomfortable about it, to write it in front of an adult, especially a teacher," said Viazell Gaither, a 7th Grade Student.

School officials, however, are standing by the unusual lesson plan because they say it allows teachers to gain control.

The co-principal says in the past, this lesson has helped cut down on the amount of bad language students use.

At least one parent said her child was uncomfortable hearing the bad words in class.