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Tropics are turning more active

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Tropical Storm Ernesto will continue moving through the Caribbean the rest of the weekend, and will gradually develop into a category one hurricane.  The forecast track will take it over the Yucatan Peninsula on Wednesday.  Its path after that will likely stay south of the Texas/Mexico border, but will continued to be watched closely.

Tropical Depression # 6 developed into Tropical Storm Florence Saturday afternoon.  It is located in the eastern Atlantic.  Although it has strengthened a bit, it will encounter unfavorable conditions in the coming days, and will likely weaken to just an area of low pressure.  What is left of Florence will track north of Puerto Rico & the Windward Islands.  If it survives, the low will track away from the eastern United States.

The National Hurricane Center continues to monitor a disturbance near Florida and the Bahamas.  As of now, it does not have a high probability of developing much more.

More on these tropical systems can be found in the CBS 6 Hurricane Tracker.