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Thank you to our Summer weather intern, Shaleni!

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - Not many internships require you to wake up and be at your unpaid job site by 4 a.m. But that's what our CBS 6 Summer weather intern Shaleni Henry did every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from June 21 to August 1. Dutifully. Never late. And always with a bright smile!

At the end of her last morning of the internship, we said thank you from the CBS 6 morning family to Shaleni for her hard work supporting Carrie in the Weather Center. We wish her the best in finishing up her last semester at Virginia Commonwealth University, where she anticipates earning her degree in Environmental Studies this December.

So, Shaleni, what was this experience like?

"I love it! I made a wonderful friend in Carrie. Waking up early was hard, but it was definitely worth it. I gained a lot of experience," Shaleni says.

Carrie can attest to the "experience" part of her internship! Not only did she have to learn how to build the graphics that Carrie shows on TV, she also had to help troubleshoot whenever computer problems arose with the variety of systems in the Weather Center.

And yes, she had some time on the "weather wall" or the "blue screen," where she created her own weather presentation just like a weather forecast Carrie and the rest of the CBS 6 Storm Team deliver every day to CBS 6 viewers. No, you don't get to see her final project. Trust us, though, she did a great job!

So, Shaleni, do you have any advice to someone seeking an internship in TV?

"Always be ready for the fast-paced environment, and ready to think quickly. And be ready to have fun!" Shaleni smiles as she says the last statement.

Meteorologist Carrie Rose