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VIDEO: Dangling truck driver rescued from bridge

CHINA (CCTV) - A truck driver was thrown out of his truck's cabin and then dangled upside down on a bridge when the 30-ton running vehicle turned over on one side in northwest China's Gansu Province early Thursday morning.

The driver was left dangling on the 10-meter-high bridge after being tossed out and his leg was stuck under the truck.

After the distressed truck was fixed to heavy vehicles on bridge, one of the firefighters was let down by a crane to the position of the driver on ropes and began to conduct rescue work.

The firefighter tied ropes on the driver before he was pulled up onto the bridge. Three hours later the driver was rescued and sent to hospital for medical treatment.

The truck was transporting 30 tons of coal when it rolled over at a turning of the Xuanma Bridge in Gansu's Qingcheng County.

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