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HOLMBERG: Meet martial artist who might be most pierced Richmond man

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Thunder Knighten II kind of stands out a little in the Carytown neighborhood where he lives.

You can frequently see him in shirtless in his back yard. At 62, this hardcore martial artist and fight choreographer is in fantastic shape.

But the Vietnam-era combat veteran and grandfather also stands out because of his waist-length braids and his 130 or so body piercings.

He never thought about dodging the draft; his father was career military, his mom a cop.

His dad taught him martial arts, and he’s been doing martial arts for a half-century now, long before it was cool.

Could he be the most pierced man in Richmond? He’s been doing that since before it was a cool.

Why does he do it?

Check out our video report above to learn more about Thunder Knighten II.