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PHOTO: Lion leaps up, making for unforgettable picture

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MIAMI, Fla. (WTVR) WSVN reported that the Hawker family from Fort Meyers was visiting the zoo on Wednesday. They went to check out the lion exhibit, and snap some photos.

Alex Hawker, 7-years-old, asked his dad to snap a photo of him with a lioness in the background. The feline was lying down at the time, looking at the camera

The family said that the lion leaped up, with paws in the air, just as the photo was snapped.

You can tell by Alex’s shocked expression that he had just heard the lion’s paws hit the glass.

With digital cameras and smartphones, it seems like far more precious zoo moments are hitting mainstream. Remember the lion that tried to eat a baby (through the glass) at the Portland Zoo?