Last day to comment on proposed $1 monthly EZ Pass fee


RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – Tuesday is the last day Virginians can weigh in on a proposed $1 a month fee for VDOT’s windshield-mounted transponder, EZ Pass.

Officials said the fee would be used to cover costs, like buying transponders, managing billing and all other EZ Pass-related administrative costs.

Additionally, that  money would not be used for road improvements.  

Officials said that other states with EZ Pass, like Maryland and Pennsylvania, already have similar fees in place.

“The use of our EZ Pass System is going to double over the next several years because we have some major toll facilities coming on board,” said Virginia Department of Transportation’s Tamara Rollison, told CBS 6 News in April.

EZ Pass costs VDOT $10 million a year operate. However, Rollison said the cost will increase to around $15 million in the coming years due to new toll facilities and the expected increase in users.

Click here to send VDOT feedback about the proposed toll

If approved by the Commonwealth Transportation Board, the new fee would take effect in July of 2012.


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