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HANOVER, Va. (WTVR)--Startling new details in the affidavit attached to the Sabrina Markham murder case.

The document reveals her boyfriend Blake Minter shouted at her estranged husband Ryan Markham before gunfire erupted inside the Castleberry home.

The court documents describe cold-blooded chaos that deputies say was unleashed inside a Hanover County home Saturday afternoon.  Sabrina Markham,30,  calls 911 to report Ryan Markham on the porch with a gun.

Then the call disconnects.  The operator calls back and hears a male voice say, “You’ve got children, buddy.  Stop!  Stop!” as shots ring out.

"I looked on my iPhone and saw a triple shooting in Hanover but I didn't think anything about it."  Sheronda Peoples would later find out her childhood friend Sabrina –whom she had just seen at a Mechanicsville Walmart – was dead and Minter, her boyfriend, was wounded.

“It breaks my heart to know that both of these good people went through this,” said Peoples Tuesday night.  “They didn't deserve that."

Hanover investigators say Ryan Markham used a SKS assault-style rifle to carry out an attack on his estranged wife, killing her and hitting Minter a number of times.  They say Minter fired back with a .38 special, leaving Markham wounded and now in the hospital.

As Sabrina’s loved ones struggle with her death, her friend Sheronda points out that on Saturday her two sons, three and seven, effectively lost both their parents.  “I wonder why it got to this point,” Peoples said.  “It's mind blowing."

Adding to the grief, a neighbor told CBS 6 that Sabrina’s sister and niece were on vacation at Disney World, for the Make-a-Wish Foundation, only to be called home a day later because of Sabrina’s untimely death.

Copy of affidavit: