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Thief snatches iPads from Capitol

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR)--In the middle of this year's legislative session, while lawmakers spent their days in debate, some of their state issued iPads were disappearing at night.

"A lot of times it's a crime of opportunity people will see it and they'll take it," said Lt. Tom Hickey of the Virginia Capitol Police Department. 

Police report that three state issued iPads were stolen between February and March at the capitol. The iPads are a fairly new addition at the Capitol.

They were introduced the session before last.

The Virginia House of Delegates is still testing out a pilot program with the devices, but all 40 Virginia Senators have been issued one.

"We've been investigating that case since that time and continue to investigate to this point," said Hickey. 

Susan Clarke Schaar, Clerk of the Virginia Senate, confirms that all of the iPads were stolen from senate members. Schaar claimed it happened inside their offices in the General Assembly building after everyone had left for the day.

Reports state the devices were left to be recharged overnight and that office doors were closed and locked.

"It could be a coworker, it could be an inside job or it could be someone who is just passing through looking for the opportunity," said Hickey. 

Police claim they are having success building their case including a potential suspect. They expect to have more action in the case in coming days.

"I think we have a good prospect of making an arrest in this case. Anything that's stolen from the state we work diligently to locate it," said Hickey.