Court: Dinwiddie woman admits neglect of 50 plus horses

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DINWIDDIE COUNTY, Va (WTVR)--A Dinwiddie County woman, once connected to horse rescue organization, admitted Monday afternoon that she denied adequate care for more than 50 horses and other animals on her property.

Sara Johnson, appeared before a judge in Dinwiddie General District Court, alongside her attorney.

Commonwealth's Attorney Lisa Caruso told the judge an agreement was written up and signed by Johnson, that ordered she forfeit the horses, along with 6 goats, two sheep, nearly two dozen dogs, two mini horses, three donkey's and a mule.

The order Johnson signed allows her to help care for the animals while they remain on her property waiting to be shipped to a new location and remain under the control of Animal Control Officers.

At the same time, Johnson gives up her 4th Amendment rights to allow Animal Control Officers, Deputies and or Veterinarians onto the property at any time to inspect the condition of the animals until they are re-housed.

The agreement also has Johnson reimbursing the county for the money it has spent providing and caring for the animals, including feeding and watering.

Johnson left the courthouse without commenting and is due back in court on May 31st.

The commonwealth's attorney says she is still assessing whether criminal charges will be brought against Johnson.