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Alan Jackson benefit concert hits right chord in Mineral

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MINERAL, Va. (WTVR) - Country star Alan Jackson's benefit show has so far helped raise $156,000 to help with earthquake damage.

Cowboy boots on the ground in Mineral were marching in concert to see Alan Jackson’s benefit concert Sunday night.  Many fans in fact two-stepped their way right in to long lines of thousands positioning early for the long awaited show.

"We want to be in the front row if we can," said fan Al Luck.

Luck and his wife waited nearly four hours just to have a good view. For true fans like them, the wait is worth it. Many of their friends and neighbors who agree as most are still waiting for their community to return to normal after an earthquake shook their foundation last August.

"Chimneys were knocked down and foundations were also moved, so it was pretty bad," said Luck. 

Jackson’s concert tried to offset the damage of the 5.8 earthquake, putting things back together by way of music and donated proceeds to rebuild area schools destroyed by the incident. Three thousand tickets were given away free and seats with a price tag were set up front accompanied with an autographed picture of Jackson.

"I would have paid a thousand dollars to see him, whatever it takes it's worth it," said long time fan BJ Brown.

Local fans found even more reason to support the country star. He's now supported them in one of the most difficult times in their small community.

"He's such a regular guy, he grew up a small country boy like most of us did around here, and he still remembers where his roots are," said Brown.

Jackson took the stage around 7 p.m. with a thunderous applause and standing welcome from the crowd. 

"We're glad we got to come here to Mineral and play this free show," said Jackson.

Fitting for the benefit’s cause Jackson's songs were played in the parking lot of Louisa County High School.

The building is one of the oldest in the area and also received the most damage of any structure after the quake.

"Help support the school system here in the city of Mineral," said Jackson.

 But residents of Mineral will not soon forget a concert that also helped their spirits just as much.

"So many stars just get so wrapped up in themselves and quit thinking about other people,” said fan Sheena McCown, “The fact that he said I’m going to do a free concert and give out extra free tickets is really compassionate.”