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SCHOOL BUDGET: Battle of the budget yields no victory

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RICHMOND, VA. (WTVR)- - It was a passionate night at the Richmond City Council meeting, although in the end, Richmond Public Schools didn’t get the funding it said it needed.

The Richmond School Board said they desperately need $10 million In order to prevent massive cuts, but the Richmond City Council denied that request.

Parents didn’t surrender without a fight, protesting loudly as the meeting stretched through the night.

Council members attempted to remind parents of their commitment to Richmond schools.

“A tier one city requires a tier one school system,” said Councilman Bruce Tyler.

But his amendment to give the system at least $3 million was voted down.

“I think we have looked under every rock in the city,” said Councilman Charles Samuels.

But Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones said the schools don’t need the money. He said that the task force provided a blueprint for the school system to handle the shortfall.

”Within the course of the year, if there is extra revenue we can take another look at it,” said Jones.

They have roughly $147 million dollars for next year.

From here, school board members will meet next week to decide what needs to be cut to make up that $10 million shortfall.