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Confession won’t be thrown out in Christmas Eve double murder

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A judge will not toss out the confession of a man accused of killing two people in Church Hill and abducting a toddler on Christmas Eve.

Defense attorneys had asked statements Jamal Clemons made about the double murder to be thrown out. They claim police interrogators used food to coerce a confession out of Clemons.

Court documents show Clemons told officer he wouldn’t tell them about the crime spree until they got him Lee’s Chicken to eat.

In court on Monday, a judge ruled providing food wasn’t a coercion, that police only provided food to Clemons to make him more comfortable.

Clemons is facing two counts of first degree murder in the deaths of Edwin Lee and Robin Clapp. Police say Clemons was trying to rob them at the time of the shooting.

Clemons is also charged with abduction for allegedly leaving the scene of the crime in an SUV with a young child inside. The child was later found unharmed in a Richmond cemetery.