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Husband defends woman accused of taking daughter tanning

NUTLEY, NJ (WTVR)  - The husband of a New Jersey woman, accused of taking her 6-year-old daughter tanning, is coming to his wife's defense.

Patricia Krentcil is charged with child endangerment. She was arrested after her daughter told a nurse at her school that she had a sunburn because her mom took her tanning. [RELATED: Snooki on tanaholic mom: ‘You are NOT supposed to take kids there’]

It's a claim Patricia Krentcil has denied. And her husband, Rich, backs her up. He says his wife is a good mother who's being wrongfully accused.

"She enjoys tanning, that's just a thing she does. She's being judged way too harshly.  The real truth will come out," says Rich Krentcil.

During a court appearance Thursday, it was revealed that Patricia Krentcil goes tanning every other day. Each time she goes, she's in the tanning bed for a 12 minute session.

Since the charges against her were filed, the New Jersey salon where Krentcil tans has revoked her license.



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