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Gov. McDonnell’s role in recent protest and arrests

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR)--Around one thousand protesters showed up at the Virginia State Capitol on Saturday to protest passage of the so-called ultrasound-abortion bill, which had occurred earlier in the week.

Virginia State Police, in riot gear, arrested and charged 30 people for protesting on the capitol steps.

The group refused police orders to leave the steps.

The event caused many in the community to sound-off about the police presence. Many protestors have argued that there was no violence, and specifically blamed Governor Bob McDonnell for a police presence they considered excessive and disproportional to the protesters intentions.

Protesters claimed that McDonnell 'ordered' the police to respond in the fashion that they did.

The Director of Communications for Governor McDonnell, Tucker Martin, talked about the protest and the governor's role in the police presence there.

Just click on the video above for the interview.