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Man sees Jesus in tortilla

By Todd Unger

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WTVR) –  Before dinner, many people choose to offer up a prayer of thanks for the food on the table.   But, when a New Mexico man started digging in to his evening meal, he says he came face-to-face with the higher power.
It was Jesus — on a tortilla.  And some are calling it a miracle.
David Sandoval was about to chow down on an Ash Wednesday supper last week when he noticed one of his mom’s hand-baled tortillas featuring a likeness unlike any other.

“Out Jesus came,” Sandoval said.

An exact match? No.

But David posted a photo to Facebook and as so often happens these days, the digital image took a life on its own.
“Everybody has been able to see it.  They agree, and they’re calling it a miracle,” Sandoval said.

So what do you do with a tortilla as special as this one?
Sandoval said he decided not to eat it, and that his family is looking for ways to preserve it.