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ONGOING: Another Mo’ Money closes its door

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) — Most didn’t realize until they reached for the door handle, that the door was locked. One by one they walked up to the empty storefront, put their hand on the window and peer inside into empty darkness.

Just like the dozens before them.

Customers drove up, got out and then realized something was wrong, many wondering now, if they will ever see their tax refund.

Nearby businesses say that by noon on Monday, the Mo’ Money Office on Mechanicsville Turnpike was locked up. Computers were disappearing from the office and papers strewn across the floor.

Some told CBS 6 they had used Mo’ Money the last several years and were always satisfied with their service, which is why they came back again this year.

The closing Monday, comes just days after two other Richmond area Mo’ Money offices closed.

Two people who talked with CBS 6 say they are out nearly $10,000 and others say the refund money was to be used to pay bills.

Some say they don’t know who to turn to now, fearing the worst and thinking any money they were due, is now gone.

If you call the number on a sign still in the window, it now comes up disconnected, which is exactly how many say they feel about the company.

Others say they hope the federal government catches up to them, and if they can’t get their money, they do hope they can get justice.