Warrant reveals new details and shooter in Wells murder

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) — New details have emerged in the homicide of Brett Wells, the 16-year-old Atlee High School student shot to death Saturday night. Wells was found dead near the pool table, in his own residence. Allegedly Wells interrupted a game of pool to conduct a marijuana sale.

On Wednesday, authorities released the search warrant issued to search the Richmond home of Da’von T. Byars, of the 1400 block of Mechanicsville Turnpike.

Police were called to the residence in the 7800 block of Verdi Lane in response to shots fired. Wells’ friend Aaron Evans was also shot. According to the warrant, Evans provided information while at VCU Medical Center, being treated for his gunshot wound to the hand.

Evans said that Bayers came to buy marijuana from Wells. In fact, Wells had told Evans and the others at the house that people were on the way, after he took a cellphone call during the pool game.

Two guys showed up just minutes later. According to another friend of Wells who was questioned, Wells had a lock-box of marijuana for purchase laid near the table.

Evans, along with one other were smoking outside. Evans said he heard a struggle inside that preceded Wells shouting “get these guys.”

When Evans ran inside, he saw the suspects exiting through a door off of the game room. He went after them. He told officials that the shorter suspect shot at him. Evans sustained an injury to his left hand, which was placed over his chest.

Based on the search warrant, Wells had at least three friends over at his house. One teen was sitting inside the game room with Wells' and the two suspects. She sat in the room, with marijuana out on the table, for about 5-15 minutes, she told police.

She said the suspects made her nervous, so she went outside and waited in a vehicle with friends. This witness identified Byars as the man who ran from the household with a firearm.