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Small boost could reverse Chesterfield education cuts

CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WTVR) - Today Chesterfield Schools’ superintendent, Marcus Newsome presented the annual budget to the school board.

The proposed budget refers to a $10 million increase from the 2012 budget of $522 million.

Approximately $7 million will come from federal state and local funding and the majority of the rest comes from state sales tax.

Newsome said that receiving part of the money is contingent upon approval by the General Assembly.

However, Newsome said that the county felt optimistic enough of the approval that the amount was included into the budget.

If the increase goes through, then there will be no classroom reductions. Also, the 2-3% pay cuts would be restored.

If the money is not approved by the GA, then Chesterfield might not be able to avoid classroom reductions or eliminate the payroll tax cuts.


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