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Chesterfield victim talks about alleged stalking nightmare

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CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WTVR) - One Chesterfield woman is sharing her story to help raise awareness during National Stalking Awareness Month.

Aretha Hampton said she wants the world to know stalking is not just something that happens to celebrities.

Hampton said she thought she took all the steps to protect herself and her family. However, she said that it was not enough.

She detailed for CBS 6 years of alleged abuse at the hands of her now estranged husband.

“There was fighting, I’ve been cut, had a broken ankle, been hit with a bat” she said.

Now, she claims the man she tried to get away from is stalking her.

Hampton said she got a protective order from a Chesterfield court, and she got her home phone number unlisted.

She said she has called the police numerous times since filing the protecting order, because her husband is allegedly harassing her at home.

“He slashed my tires. My daughter has had her tires slashed. We’ve replaced them seven times,” said Hampton.

Domestic violence experts at Safe Harbor want victims to know they’re not in this alone.

“We have folks in the court system, we have people who will accompany victims to the hospital. We also do counseling. So, there are a lot of ways that we can help people” said Angela Verdery.

Verdery said anyone who is a victim of domestic violence and sexual abuse can reach out to them. They have counselors standing by on a 24 hour hotline to take information and to be a resource for victims.

“Stalking is far more common than you may think. Generally we do think of the celebrities but what we know is that women are stalked mostly by current or former intimate partners” added Verdery.

To reach Safe Harbor’s hotline, call 804-287-7877. You can also get more information on the organization at