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Dozens of cops respond to city high school fight

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - Multiple officers were called to Armstrong High School in the city’s East end around 10:30 a.m. Tuesday.

A fight had broken out at the school, which is located at 2300 Cool Lane.

Richmond Police spokesperson Karla Peters said that there were no injuries and that a three juveniles were arrested.

Reporter Catie Beck said that the fight started in the hallway between two students and that kids then jumped in to get involved.

Students said, and the school confirmed, that the original conflict began outside of the school, on Sunday. Students said the tension was between students of two different communities--Mosby and Creighton.

To restore order, police evacuated the school. The scene became chaotic when parents showed up to get their children.

School officials needed to keep track of student departures, police were still attempting to work the scene and kids were outside the building.

The scene has now been contained, although the lockdown remains in place.

Officials have said that they will stagger dismissals throughout the day. If parents are going to get their children, they will need to go inside and speak with a school official.

A Facebook commenter said that the fight was six on one, but this has not been confirmed by police. [JOIN US WTVR CBS6 NEWS OF FACEBOOK]