Police create new account for tips on Ian Burnet

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RICHMOND, Va.  (WTVR) - It’s been more than two weeks since 22-year-old Ian Burnet went missing. His friends and family are still seeking answers after he went to visit a friend in New York City.

“We’re just still in a mystery here, just trying to get the word out to anyone who will listen,” said Burnet’s close friend Meaghan King.


There’s been no sign of the Virginia Commonwealth University student and New Kent native since December 30th. Police report Burnet’s belongings were found inside the apartment where he was staying in New York City. For now his friends and family continue to try and find leads.

“One person might have seen him or talked to him so we’re just trying to find that one person,” said King.

Tomorrow the VCU campus will resume classes after a winter break, the first time classes have been in session since Burnet’s disappearance. Many students have heard of the case and hope to get involved with the search effort for their fellow student.

“On this campus more than any others I’ve been to, there’s a real connectedness, we’re like a family,” said student Brian Casey.

The case has given some students pause to see one of their peers possibly in trouble. It’s causing a new consciousness about safe choices.

“It just really puts everything in perspective about the risks we take. We’re not invincible, we’re just not,” said Casey.

Meanwhile investigators continue their search for clues. They claim at this point to have no evidence of foul play but they have created a new email address for the public to submit tips on the case.

The tip email address is newkenttips@co.newkent.state.va.us.